Ritual Healing - The Magic of Your Daily Practices

Ritual Healing - The Magic of Your Daily Practices


Practicing daily rituals can bring consistency and security to our lives and is particularly important for us during times of uncertainty. Rituals give our days and lives structure, a foundation to anchor us through rocky seas or stormy periods. For many people, right now is a very unstable period with many uncertainties. What we used to rely on, no longer exists and we are adapting daily to the new world around us. Rituals provide us with a daily opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, to guide us through tumultuous times and provide a sense of control in a new world where many of us feel powerless at times. You may already have daily rituals threaded into your day, or they may be an entirely new concept for you. Below are some ideas to help choose and implement daily rituals into your day to help guide and support you.

 Be Intentional

Unlike daily habits such as brushing your teeth, which are done with little conscious thought, rituals are intentional and performed with mindfulness. You may like to ask yourself "how would I like to feel after practicing this ritual?" This may help you choose the right ritual for you. For instance, if you desire to feel more connected to yourself, you may like to commit to doing a daily body scan meditation, some journalling or some gentle stretching. If you would like to be more motivated, you may like to set a daily intention or create a daily mantra, listen to some motivating music, write a daily to do list or commit to daily movement. Tuning into the practice and what you would like to achieve will make your rituals more intentional and effective - and remember, performing the ritual should make you feel good! 

Keep it Simple

So many times, I work with my naturopathic clients to create a morning and evening ritual and they want to add in ten different things! I get it, I do this sometimes too - I want to do everything! Trying to include too many rituals in your day will lead to feelings of overwhelm and defeats the purpose of creating an intentional mindful practice. This is hard to do when you have comitted to too many daily rituals. It puts added pressure on you to get everything done! Keep it simple - start with one or two. When you get into your groove with these daily practices, you may like to add more or change it up! 

Be Consistent

When we mindfully choose rituals and commit to practicing them daily, amazing things can start to happen. Consistency plays a big part in getting these results. In a world where every day is different, daily rituals are the constant, that keeps us stable and steady. I like to think of rituals as providing a strong foundation for your day. They are grounding and protective and constant - all key factors to help you weather the storms of everyday life! I absolutely love my daily ritual cacao, it's familiar and almost a bit magical and brings so much joy to my day.

Make Mornings Magic 

Having a daily habit of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake is one of the first changes I get my naturopathic clients to make. Your morning is sacred, it really is! There is so much of your day which is undefined and out of your control, at the mercy of what goes on around you!  But how you send those first new minutes (or even moments) of a brand new day? That, my friend is all yours to enjoy. You may choose this time to perhaps put your hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths and reconnect in with yourself. It is also a great time to be grateful for another day to live on this earth (that's a pretty big deal really!). It's a time to perhaps put on your favourite music and raise your vibration high (so high, that no matter what happens that day, it runs off you like water off a ducks back). Please don't underestimate how sacred and important those first few moments of the day really are. They can set the tone for how your whole day goes, so treat them with wonder, gratitude and purpose. You can find out more about morning rituals here

Your Evening is Yours Too

Many rituals focus on making changes to your morning practice but evening rituals are just as important. I am a Mum to two young girls and unless I get up at 5am (which I don't want to!), I don't have time for lots of morning rituals. I LOVE my evening ritual. I aim for no screen time after 9pm, I love to put a warm heat pack on my shoulders (or feet if I am feeling particularly switched on and stimulated), I take some relaxing magnesium and I practice meditation before bed. All these practices help me wind down and get deep restorative sleep.

Practicing daily rituals is like creating two beautiful bookends for your day. You can choose how you start and end each and every day and this time should be treated with respect and intention. With so many people currently lacking structure, consistency and meaning in their lives right ow, rituals have the ability to guide us through this time with grace. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please do get in touch with comments or feedback. I would love to hear from you!


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